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Dwight Howard Flew Out High School Girl To Hotel For The Weeknd (Photos)

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Not this shit again.

It’s no secret Dwight Howard has a legion of baby mamas from sea to shining seas–and along the way he’s amassed a bevy of ‘side chicks’ as well.

Well, here’s another ‘Side chick’ gone wrong story which ties back to Dwight ‘no sex before marriage, because i’m a Christian’ Howard. Side chick and Howard broke apart and then came the revenge tweets:

dwight howard teen geeks and cleats



Mind you, this young lady just graduated high school

dwight texts side chick geeks and cleats

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Was she legal? If so, no story. The media has starting making stories out of this type stuff lately. Having sex with an 18 year old (or 17 year old if that is the legal age in the state) is not wrong yet the media tries to act like it is.

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