Brandon Jennings: “Kobe, Not Jordan, Is The GOAT”

By jesus rivera On 19 Aug, 2014 At 04:12 PM | Categorized As Featured, NBA, sports | With 0 Comment

When it comes to the NBA, fans everywhere love to debate players standings not only today, but throughout the history of the league.

Is LeBron better than Kobe ever was? Can Kevin Durant ever pass LeBron? These are just two examples of debate-starting questions fans have discussed in recent seasons.

One thing that is not up for debate in most NBA circles, however, is the title of Greatest of All-Time. That goes to Michael Jordan, and most people will not even give you the opportunity to argue against it.

It’s hard to argue against a six-time Champion who also happens to have six Finals MVP’s, an undefeated record in the Finals, five regular season MVP’s, ten scoring titles and a Defensive Player of the Year award on his resume.

However, those accomplishments didn’t stop current Pistons guard Brandon Jennings from taking to Twitter to proclaim that Kobe Bryant, not Jordan, is the G.O.A.T. in the NBA.

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