Confirmed: Marvel In Talks W/Joaquin Phoenix To Play Doctor Strange

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joaquin phoenixJoaquin Phoenix could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A month ago, we reported that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks with Marvel to play the role in Doctor Strange in a self titled film. Marvel has now confirmed all reports.

Phoenix, the Academy Award winning actor, is definitely in talks, and in fact, is the top choice to play the role of Marvel’s magical hero.

This is a rare move by Marvel as they’ve reached out to an Academy Award nominated actor instead of up and coming actors, such as in their recent films, as they instead go towards “bigger” actors for supporting roles.

Marvel executive Kevin Feige spoke about Doctor Strange to Entertainment Weekly last year:

“I would love Strange to be a part of [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] only because he’s a great character. He’s a great standalone character,” Feige emphasizes. “He’s got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven’t done yet. There’s a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven’t ever touched on. So I think that’s exciting.”

Many questions still remain about Phoenix returning to a blockbuster film, but Marvel hasn’t made a poor cast decision since Eric Bana played the Hulk nearly 10 years ago.




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