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ESPN Suspends Max Kellerman For Comments On Ray Rice Situation

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ESPN has been proving a point lately towards their radio and tv personalities regarding the recent suspension of Ravens RB Ray Rice.

The latest employee of ESPN to be suspended is Max Kellerman of Sports Nation.

It seems like ESPN is censoring its employees from discussing the Ray Rice and domestic violence situation in any form.

Here is the story from The Daily News who first broke it:

The Daily News has learned ESPN has suspended Max Kellerman for an inappropriate conversation on ESPN-LA Radio surrounding Ray Rice and domestic abuse. Kellerman co-hosts a show on the station and is the co-anchor of ESPN TV’s “SportsNation.” He is also HBO Sports’ lead boxing analyst.

On the “Mason & Ireland “show, which leads into his afternoon-drive program, Kellerman admitted to hitting his girlfriend many years ago.

ESPN would neither confirm nor deny Kellerman’s suspension. In a statement issued Friday afternoon and ESPN spokesman said: “Max Kellerman will return to ESPNLA Radio and SportsNation on Thursday.”

The conversation in question took place Monday afternoon, three days after Stephen A. Smith was suspended for saying women should be careful not to “provoke” any incident of abuse. On ESPN-LA Kellerman told a story going back years when he and his then girlfriend Erin, who now his wife, attended a college party.

Kellerman said they both had to much too drink. He said when he tried getting things under control his then girlfriend slapped him. Kellerman said he slapped her back. He was quick to tell listeners that the woman is now is his wife and they have been happily married for 20 years.

Industry sources said while the content of his story was disturbing, the suspension was all about Kellerman, who once worked for ESPN New York Radio, not adhering to ESPN brass’ warning concerning the Rice topic being a highly sensitive one. “My understanding is that it was part of a larger conversation ESPN had with all its on-air people,” a radio industry source said. “Kellerman obviously didn’t pay attention.”

Would anyone like to explain what the exact issue is? It seems to me like Kellerman was just issuing his thoughts and recapping a past experience with his wife. There shouldn’t be any harm in that, right?

Well it is to ESPN.

[Daily News]




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