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Gilbert Arenas Calls Al Sharpton A Coon And A Thot


Gilbert Arenas was a pioneering social media presencebefore Joel Embiid picked up a basketball, and long before what is commonly referred to as “Black Twitter” galvanized into what it is today.

Never known for being, the former baller took aim at activist and television personality Al Sharpton and his participation in the protests for recently murdered black men Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

In a lengthy Instagram caption that’s now been deleted, the former Wizard criticized the rioters and looters in St. Louis for destroying their own communities, and referred to the famously coiffed-preacher as a “coon,” described his behavior as “#THOT” like, and cited the Trayvon Martin and Jena 6 verdicts as examples of the activist making similar situations worse.

Here are the comments from Arenas:



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