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Homeless Guy Miley Cyrus Took To VMAs Is Wanted By Police

miley twerk geeks and cleatsMiley Cyrus good deed to bring awareness to the homeless teenagers crisis in the country at the VMAs backfired majorly for the man,  Jesse Helt, who accepted her award for best video on her her behalf.

22-year-old Helt is wanted back in Oregon for violating his probation stemming from criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges, after he and a friend attempted to break into a drug dealer’s apartment because they were sold a bad bag of weed.

Here’s where the stuff gets extra weird, via Gawker:

NBC also reports that Helt who spent three weeks in prison after his initial guilty plea, violated his probation twice in 2011, exposing himself to a potential six more months in jail. Authorities in Oregon had not heard from him until he showed up on MTV two nights ago.

Helt’s mother said that Helt was returning to Oregon on Miley’s dime, which could lead to his arrest and state police explaining why they spent their time and money tracking down a young, nonviolent criminal who happens to be friends with Miley Cyrus.

I thoroughly remember chiming in on the gesture during the Sunday night award show about how it seemed fake. Look, I’m not going to go too hard at Miley but I mean, come on…if anything this hurts the cause she claims to have been trying to want to raise awareness for.

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