Lamar Odom Says Kardashians Set Him Up At The Club

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khloe-kardashian-lamar-odom together geeksandcleatsWe wonder if this is true. These details are indeed a tad eye opening. There definitely are two sides to every story. 

If you recall, Lamar Odom was denied entry in a club because Khloe’s boyfriend, French Montana was performing in there. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“Lamar was extremely upset, because Khloé was the one who had told him where she would be that night,” the insider said. “Lamar was only in Los Angeles for a few days, and did want to talk to her. He had no idea that there would be cameras from the show there, and he felt like she set him up.”

Indeed, in a phone call between the couple the day after the confrontation, “Khloé admitted in the conversation that she knew cameras would be there,” the source said, “and even admitted that Kim pretended to be sleeping in a car with Jonathan Cheban.”

For Odom, that was the last straw, according to the source.

“Lamar is just beyond furious that he is being shown as some loser for the show, pining away for Khloé,” the source explained. “It was a big problem for them during the marriage, everything was always for the stupid reality show. He seriously questions the person that Khloé is now.”

I wonder… What do you think about this? Believe there may be some facts or fiction?


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  1. vern says:

    I believe he was set up as far as the show and cameras go, but Khloe, Kim or the rest of that clan didn’t give him that crack pipe and make him get high. He has to own up on that part himself.

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