Peyton Manning Fined For Taunting

By Shaina W On 24 Aug, 2014 At 11:25 AM | Categorized As Featured, NFL, sports | With 0 Comment

peyton manningEveryone has their breaking point and after 16 years in the league it was bound to happen at some point.

During Saturday’s Broncos game against the Texans, Peyton Manning and Emmanuel Sanders connected for their second touchdown of the game. Right after, Manning went straight to DJ Swearinger to get in his face. It was a mild taunt, but a taunt nonetheless. But it’s Peyton Manning, the golden boy, so we give him a pass. And one taunt in 16 years in league is nothing to write home about.

According to resident Sports tax man Robert Raiola, Manning can be fined around $8,000+ for taunting.

Nothing too crazy for Peyton.

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