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Rob Manfred, To Replace Bud Selig As MLB Commissoner

rob manfred mlb commissioner geeks and cleatsJust a week ago we reported that the MLB Commissioner race had narrowed down to 3 candidates. Now the wait is over, ladies and gentlemen, Rob Manfred is the new man in charge of baseball.

Manfred was said to be Selig’s hand picked favorite to replace him–which is absolutely horrible news for MLB fans hoping to see change brought to the game.

Nonetheless, Manfred deserves a fair shot to make his own mark on the sport. With the future of MLB being so up-in-the-air, a lot rests on his shoulders.

One of the things Manfred will immediately have to address is the upcoming labor deal in 2016–let’s not forget the strike which brought Selig into power, and also made him universally hated by MLB fans.

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