V Stiviano Says Donald Sterling Is Gay

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EXCLUSIVE: Donald Sterling is seen attending an event with V. Stiviano in 2012 as it is reported she allegedly tried to extort him over racist recordingsV Stiviano is just inventing ways to make herself relevant as she’s now allegeding in her¬†countersuit against Shelly Sterling, that Donald Sterling is gay.

In the lawsuit, Stiviano claims to have never actually slept with Sterling and insists she was paid to be his pretend mistress.

Stiviano also states that Shelly was fully aware about her husband’s lifestyle, via TMZ:

[Shelly was]Acutely aware of [Donald’s] sexual orientation and condoned same as well as acknowledged and approved [Donald’s] gifts of money [to Stiviano].”¬†

Stiviano claims the gifts Donald gave her were not community property, but separate ¬†property of Donald’.

This isn’t the first time gay rumors have surrounded Donald Sterling, Stiviano has pulled this card before. And let’s be honest, one can’t exactly take her totally serious. The circus continues.

Let’s also keep in mind, V Stiviano claimed that Sterling was the father of her child. Kinda hard to do when she’s now claiming they never had sex.

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