Yadier Molina Returns To Baseball At The Right Time

By Erika F On 28 Aug, 2014 At 03:26 PM | Categorized As MLB, sports | With 0 Comment

yadier molina geeksandcleatsYadier Molina is missing the rest of this year’s baseball season? Don’t mind while he laughs at that question. 

After suffering an injury to his right thumb close to two months ago (July 9) and getting surgery to treat it, Yadier Molina may be behind the plate as soon as tomorrow. Quite possibly the game’s best catcher shows us his super human strength is stellar.

How is he making a return so fast? Easy-he took his rehab much more serious and began throwing immediately. He wasn’t going to sit around with Haagen-Daz and wait for it to get better.

Yadier Molina’s presence means a lot to the Cardinals. His teammates and fans will be happy to see him back.


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