Zelda Williams To Leave Twitter Due To Cyberbullying

By Victor Schiavo On 14 Aug, 2014 At 01:53 PM | Categorized As gossip, Other | With 0 Comment


We are all in mourning of the death of Robin Williams. It was untimely as he still had many years to go. However some people reacted in a more angry manner, which was directed at his daughter, Zelda Williams.

After being harassed on twitter countless times and blamed for her father’s death, Zelda Williams has decided to remain inactive on Twitter. Here is the tweet she posted:

These events have led to Twitter improving it’s harassment policies. The two users who were the main problem in Williams’ case have been suspended, but Twitter has not stated anything on exactly how they are going to prevent abuse.

No one should have to endure harassment the way Zelda did, and especially after the death of her father. It’s a good sign that Twitter has decided to take action, albeit being a bit late.


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